Friday, December 24, 2010


Once upon a time, there were five women and five men, the main characters of five beautiful true love stories. Each story had different place in time, but all of them reached the first climax in the same summer, and the second one in the following spring... During a process of growing, five rounded bellies bumped into each other in the winter of 2010 when Mamas and Papas have decided to attend Educational Birthing Class at the same place. For months the little growing creatures were bringing their creators closer to each other. The "parents to be" were sharing their thoughts, their life stories, their fears, every detail of the most exciting journey they were experiencing at the same time. They have created a Little Universe of Love and Friendship, that will outgrow itself to become a Little Happy Family, waiting for the precious baby girls appearance in this world. Mamas finished perfecting the little bodies and souls that grew inside the bellies and one by one, The little dancing ballerinas were graciously entering this beautiful world. The Journey Sisters were born... Each one following her own path since birth, they will have this place dedicated to all of them together, where mommies will share some little pieces of their union with these little persons, the little journey sisters:
Adiel, with mama Mercedes
Saskia, with mama Angie
Ava, with mama Maggie
Eva, with mama Sashique
Leona, with mama Sylvie
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