Wednesday, November 9, 2011

These days in the mountain

I find myself taking pictures or editing pictures a lot lately. I think I am getting better at this hobby of mine. I can tell because I find tons of mistakes on pictures I used to love. I am sure a year from now I will probably think that the pictures below are not so great after all, but for now this is where we are, Adiel and I, so I am also sure I will be fond of these memories.


I try to spend some time everyday outside in the mountain with Adiel. She loves being with the dogs, and as long as there is some dirt or plants she finds something interesting to do. When we take long walks Uri joins because it is too much for me to handle on my own (3 dogs and baby still on my back on the way up) and we take the dogs on leashes (I am not so comfortable with the stroller because our walk gets steep and also it is harder to push it up the hill than to take Adiel on me). 

Here she is holding the leash. It was getting dark so the chances of finding someone on the way were little and our dog "Evy" (as Adiel calls her) responds very well to orders, so we let her.

My dear Evita was with me during all my pregnancy (when Uri and I had to be apart) and even during my labor. I remember specially a moment when I was in the bathroom floor pushing and I did not want so many people with me, but Evita was there and she would make me feel better by laying next to me calmly, she knew exactly what was going on. I believe Adiel and her have a special bond. Still (I know) it is never good to get too relaxed with a big dog and a baby. Evita is territorial and particular, so I am glad Adiel wants to naturally let her know who is in charge here, but one step at a time.

She is also about babies right now (human and dolls). Maybe because she is not the little one at the kinder garden anymore and she is learning how to be gentle and caring for them.

I have seen some baby fashion on the internet. I have to admit some of it is gorgeous (like what you see here), but I do not think babies and kids should be wearing expensive designer clothes, but things that are right to play and explore. Most of her clothes was given to us as presents or inherited by other babies. Still I think she has some great style! However, 3 weeks ago I indulged in buying her those boots. Aren't they fantastic? I am hoping she is going to wear them until the end of the winter. I bought them in a Mexican shoes store for kids. It is called Mickey and it has been around for many decades all over the country (they were not that expensive though, something like $32).

Soon I will be moving on to a new blog and will start writing in Spanish too (I do Spanish much better than English, thank you). I will let you know.

Until soon,

Monday, November 7, 2011

one and a half

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I just decided to do my own version. Everything changes so fast with the little ones, it is nice to let them know what they were up to at a certain age.

Adiel these days...

I like this picture because it shows, in a very natural way, where she is at right now. She is all about the details, her senses, exploring. She inspects, smells and tastes as much as she can! 

On the background Uri and our neighbor Jan, who was a successful motorcycle racer back in the day. Now he has a workshop that is like heaven for Uri, where he can shape any piece of metal Uri needs to build his engine (this is also where Uri built his Baja Bug). Jan helps us a lot with anything electrical and mecanical, and believe me, when you live in a self sufficient house with solar panels and with a built-it-yourself kind of husband, a good neighbor like Jan is very much appreciated.

Take care,
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