Friday, April 29, 2011

Play date at The Grove

The little ones are now interacting so much. They play with each other, they talk, they share and they fight!

It is so cute to see their different personalities develop. They are all taking their first steps! Even little Leona. And soon there will be running and chasing and discussing! Soon there will be first birthdays!! They are all adorable in such different ways.

Baby Leona is girly and soft, just the sweetest thing. She shares and reaches to people. Saskia is delicate and sensitive, and she can show the best smiles!
 My dear Eva... She will lead so many things! She is a free, adventurous spirit...
As for my Adiel, its hard to say, maybe you can tell me what it is that you see in her.
And the happy mamas...

It is always lovely to meet. It always leaves me craving for more play dates. And for more Ava!
Love to you all.


Friday, April 15, 2011

While in Israel

What would it be like if your house and hometown were 4 thousand years old?

This is Akko

Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, Crusaders,  British, Israelis and others... they have all destroyed and built a little of this old place. They all wanted it for its strategic location in the Mediterranean, as a way into the Middle East. Above is one of its many gates.

It is so strong and thick, that it was impossible to conquer for many, such as Napoleon. 

Nowadays, daily life in Akko looks like this:

We sure got some of this...

Entrance to the Mosque.

We also got to try what is claimed to be the best humus in Israel!... and Adiel tried pickles (apparently she liked).

Until soon,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We have been traveling in Israel for a couple of weeks. It has been a humbling experience. It is incredible the amount of love we have received from family and friends, the beauty and deepness of the places we have visited, the intensity of the holly land and its peoples, the majestic sites, the hard contrasts, the constant reminders of how different our lives are from everything here. 

I have enjoyed taking our little one around and I have taken lot's of pictures for Adieli's photo journal. I have also taken other much more intimate pictures of things that moved me. Here are a few of my favorite Jerusalem shots of the old city.

This city is no ordinary city. It vibrates dense and high rhythms. 
It crawls into your skin, haunting your every step with a broad scheme of emotions. 
It calls you to the spiritual while talking tales of war. Its extreme and irrational. 
Makes you squeeze, cry, pray, and bargain what you have.

Subtle game of dark and light.

You have to be a character to live inside the old city.

My mother at THE WALL. A prayer.

View to east Jerusalem.

My family cruising the market.

Until soon,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

San Diego Zoo with Ava and Saskia

We enjoyed a little Zoo action with the Vrooms on Monday March 28th.  Here's a couple quick photos :)  I didn't get many and the ones I got weren't in the best lighting, but nevertheless it was a GREAT day and we look forward to seeing them and the rest of you more... Wish we weren't so far away.  Miss you all!!
Trading leaves.

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