Friday, April 29, 2011

Play date at The Grove

The little ones are now interacting so much. They play with each other, they talk, they share and they fight!

It is so cute to see their different personalities develop. They are all taking their first steps! Even little Leona. And soon there will be running and chasing and discussing! Soon there will be first birthdays!! They are all adorable in such different ways.

Baby Leona is girly and soft, just the sweetest thing. She shares and reaches to people. Saskia is delicate and sensitive, and she can show the best smiles!
 My dear Eva... She will lead so many things! She is a free, adventurous spirit...
As for my Adiel, its hard to say, maybe you can tell me what it is that you see in her.
And the happy mamas...

It is always lovely to meet. It always leaves me craving for more play dates. And for more Ava!
Love to you all.



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  2. I love this group, babies and mamas.

  3. :( missing you guys. It's good to see you all get together and share such fun, but I so wish Ava and I didn't miss out on it all! You guys have so much fun. I know! We used to have fun with you!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Xo to each of you, babies and mamas.


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