Monday, November 7, 2011

one and a half

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I just decided to do my own version. Everything changes so fast with the little ones, it is nice to let them know what they were up to at a certain age.

Adiel these days...

I like this picture because it shows, in a very natural way, where she is at right now. She is all about the details, her senses, exploring. She inspects, smells and tastes as much as she can! 

On the background Uri and our neighbor Jan, who was a successful motorcycle racer back in the day. Now he has a workshop that is like heaven for Uri, where he can shape any piece of metal Uri needs to build his engine (this is also where Uri built his Baja Bug). Jan helps us a lot with anything electrical and mecanical, and believe me, when you live in a self sufficient house with solar panels and with a built-it-yourself kind of husband, a good neighbor like Jan is very much appreciated.

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