Friday, January 21, 2011

Maggie and Ava

Preparing for the birth of my daughter was a long time coming.  I always new I wanted to be a mother.  It was something I held special to my heart from the time I was a very little girl myself.  Now, to have a little girl, it's a beautiful thing!  I always imagined what this would be like, but never imagined it to fill my heart with this amount of joy and love!

 About 34 weeks (I had 7+ more weeks to go! Aye!)

I went to bed that night and woke up in labor at 2 am!!  That's the Baby Tank in the raw!

Before Ava came along I filled my time with traveling, working out, training for a half marathon (if you can believe that!  That all went out the window when I found out I was pregnant!  Whoops!),  date nights with the husband (ah, a movie, haven't done that since the baby), art projects, reading, cooking (I still do lots of that), socializing (still do some of that too), and many other less important things... many things set aside as I devote much of that time to the sweet little one.

Some Pre-Baby Photos:
(Right) Sailing a mini Hobie-Cat in Domican Republic.  (Left) I promise I did nothing for those beads in New Orleans!  In fact, I thought I could be pregnant, so I was sober!  Turns out, I wouldn't be pregnant until the next month (and I'd get my period the next day... after the big party/friend's wedding... humpf!).

 Some personal development and R&R in the Dominican Republic.  Todd and I bent that rebar using only our throats!  And on the first try!!  To the right, our group for board breaking.  This was more of a challenge for me.  Letting go of fear and embracing my inner strength... it took a few attempts and centering myself, but I did it!  We were supposed to write a fear on the board that we were going to "break through" and I wrote fear of commitment and responsibility.  HA!  Then I had a baby... oooh, commitment and responsibility at it's best, huh?

 Todd and me with our pups in front of Todd's parent's old house... the pre-baby family.

 Along the CA central coast.  We were up there for my sister's graduation.

 Holding a tucan!!  I LOVE TUCANS! Costa Rica
To the right, me and my horse!  We had the best ride through the Costa Rican rain forest!  I had never ridden a horse so fast!!!  We rode up to a waterfall, scaled up the rock wall, through the waterfall and then cliff jumped into the water below!  AMAZING!
I look awesome don't I?  Ha ha, zip lining is fun!  Also Costa Rica.
 Playing with my food.
Enjoying St. Barts (right).

 We love the Carribean! What can we say?
The zip lines in St. Maarten are really, really fun!!  On this zip trip, there was an entire family in our group.  They had 2 kids that had traveled with them since they were small.  At the time of this tour, they were early and pre-teens.  I felt inspired to make sure we continue traveling and being adventurous, even with our kiddos... I think we'll manage to do that!  ;)
 St. Maarten - a few months before getting pregnant - Can I have that body back now please?

I AM REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO TAKING AVA ON THESE ADVENTURES!  When we were zip lining in St. Maarten, there was a family on our trek.  Parents and a boy and a girl, all zip lining together.  They went on vacation together every year and did something adventurous!  I felt so inspired!  Sounds like fun!!

...for the last 8 months it's been baby, baby, baby... poopy diapers, spit up, snuggles, kisses, breastfeeding, naps, ergo wearing, stroller pushing, boppy using, floor scooting, table cruising, middle of the night rendezvous, ahhh, baby, baby, baby.  I love my baby.

 Shortly after Ava was born.  I was tired! She is gorgeous! (left)  Snuggling at home!  (right)
 Our beautiful baby sleeping. Less than a week old.  What an angel!
(Left) 2.5 months, learning to grab things! (Right) Halloween... my little strawberry!

About 4 months, demoing her roll over ;)
As of late, I've felt Ava's independence soar, which couldn't make me more proud!  She's been "crawling" a while, although she has her own special crawl, and while she still checks in with mama, she's all over the house on her own and exploring the world around her.  I leave her be to explore and develop her curiosity, all within my line of sight.  We also enjoy playing together and she's starting to hand me things when I ask for them and she loves to crawl into my lap (awe).

 Christmas 2010
 Showing off how well she crawls in her wonderful stripey tights from her journey sister Eva!
 She loooooves bath time!  And that duck!

She's been demonstrating to me that she's ready for more independence and I've also been feeling that urge for a little more healthy space between us as well.  About a month and a half ago we moved her from the co-sleeper into her crib in our room.  And about two and a half weeks ago, we moved her crib into her own room!  What a big girl!  It's been awesome!  She's so well rested.  And so am I!  I love that when I go to get her in the morning, she's babbling, smiling and standing up against the side of her crib reaching for me.  What a big girl I have!  How did this happen?  Seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant... waiting...

I love watching my girl grow.  I'm enjoying all our time together.  Remaining present as I rock her to sleep, smiling as I watch her play and discover new things, encouraging her to be curious and promoting independence and confidence in her abilities to do things for herself.  She's amazing.    What a joy these last 8 and a half months have been!


  1. Maggie! What a fun journey my friend. I love that first preggo picture, and the pre-pregnancy family one as well. You are lovely and so is Ava! I am happy to be able to follow your adventures.
    Show pics of the new home!!
    Much love, Mech

  2. I think the girls will love reading this one day...

  3. The bath photo is so gorgeous! Actually they all are:) And I love the "baby tank"- you are an amazing woman and mama and it is lovely to read your story Ms. Maggie!


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