Friday, January 28, 2011

9 months...

Adiel is 9 months now. It's hard to believe all that happened in that short period and in the 9 months prior to it!

I moved to Baja California 6 years ago. I came to do a 6 month project with the Mexican government, and I was thinking I would finish it and then take a few months off to travel the peninsula. I was in charge of getting sustainable development projects for the people that live within the natural protected area know as "The Islands of the Gulf of California".  I love nature.

I met Uri short after I moved, and in a couple of weeks, one sunny morning, I just knew he was the one. We got married on September 19th, 2008 in Mexico city... it was the day of the anniversary of the big earthquake in Mexico city. It was a beautiful wedding, we had a wonderful time.

You can see the trailer of our Purple Wedding here.

Since then, Uri was very ready to become a father, an finally, we heard the good news almost a year afterward. We were so happy and anxious, there were many decisions to make, including me moving to Los Angeles. I got to spend my pregnancy in LA, taking time for myself, in peace and quiet (probably for the last time!). I loooved my days in the city. 

I was on my own, so I started taking pictures to share my bump with my friends and family.
These are some of my favorite.

It is not professional pics taken with a great camera, I know. In fact some of the pictures I took with my Mac... But they mean a lot to me. My friend Karina took the ones at the beach. We had a lot of fun that day (probably the last time I wore a bikini...). By the way, my friend Karina just received some hard news, so I would highly appreciate a little prayer or a candle light for her and her family!!

After a long labor, Adiel joined us on April 29. She was 7.1 pounds and 21 inches. What an amazing experience it was. I remember having her in my arms for the first time, it seems like it was many years ago. She looked like a little Russian doll, with the sweetest face.

Here she is in one of her first pictures, wearing the pajamas I wore home from the hospital 30 years ago. I love that picture, her little hands, her eyes just like her daddy.

This is Adiel 4 days old!

There is a birth story to come and some pics of where we think we made Adiel.

Until soon,

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE your wedding trailer! It is so perfect for you two! So much love and fun and music! Just gorgeous. And this post is too- although I got distracted by the video:) 9 months can you believe it? My experience of time has changed so drastically! Thank you for sharing this and inspiring me to get moving on the next post:) And happy (almost) birthday! I don't know if we will make it to the party- we have a long day (and evening) of teaching, but we would love to see you three while you are here if there is time...


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