Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bug love

Last week we stumbled upon a "car show". Apparently there is a classic car club in the same town of the Wednesday market is, can you believe it? Anyway we were having breakfast there, and Uri wanted to look around, so I took some pics...

 Some of the cars were not so bad, and there were looooots of ugly dudes, he he.

The Virgin of course made an appearance. 

Below you will see our ride for the day (what I really wanted to show you) . It might not be the best looking car but I love it because Uri built it! One day he came to me, excited like a little boy with a new bike, and he told me he had found the best engine ever for his bug and it was dirt cheap. He said it was $150, I said "dollars? that's nothing!", but it was 150 pesos... And I could not believe it, an engine for $15 dollars, what?... And then he showed it to me. Let me tell y'all (ha ha) it was a big, ugly and rotten piece of grease. There was no evidence whatsoever that one could find any metal underneath. But Uri took it to our neighbors garage and he cleaned it with a little steel toothbrush-looking kinda tool, and he collected here and there any parts that were missing. He even fabricated some of the screws! In about 2 years he put our Baja Bug together, and he is very proud of it. It is definitely not my preferred ride, it is still dusty inside and it doesn't have much, but it sure can take the dirt road like no other car. Uri insists on taking it out, so I agree once in a while. I know what you are thinking... it does not accommodate a car seat for Adiel, but do not worry, we only take it to places that are very very close to home (nothing farther that 5 minutes), and I take her in the Ergo (still I panic).

This baby is a 1964 machine and I am SO proud of my man for building it from scratch!!

We are getting ready for our trip to Israel. I am nervous about the 17 hour flight. Any tips?

Adiel has been specially fussy lately. No idea if it's got to do with teething or if she is just testing our limits and tries to get more attention by crying her lungs out... Still very smiley though and melts my heart every time. 

Until soon,


  1. such a cute post, love your little love bug

  2. I love the car! LOVE IT! It has character and memories and blood, sweat and tears. Doesn't get any better than that!
    I had Ava in the Ergo once on an airplane and the flight attendant said it's against their policies because nasty things can happen on a bumpy take off or during turbulence to the baby in the ergo. I asked what and she said "You don't want to know." I honestly don't know what that means. Was she just trying to assert power over me? It kinda felt like it, but I don't know. What could happen to the baby? Anyway, that crossed my mind when you said you had Adiel in the ergo in the car. That being said, it was raining the other day in SD and I was visiting my mom's class and had to get home, so my mom drove in in her car with Ava on my lap in the front seat. Um, yeah, that just seems way worse! I wouldn't do it again, and we only went a few blocks and there is like no traffic... yeah, it was bad.
    I LOOOOVE your photographs!! You've got a great eye :)


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