Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Market

Every Wednesday there is a market in a town close to us. I am not particularly fond of this town, but markets are always great, so I finally decided to take my new lens for a walk!

This week the market was exceptionally good featuring big red juicy yummy strawberries (a box for 2 bucks!).  You can always also find toys, vegetables, piƱatas, shoes, underwear, corn on a stick, dried or fresh fish, sandals made from tires, candy, watches, homemade yellow, appliances, junk food, hair cuts, bicycles, pet fishes, pizzas, sombreros, tools, clothes, boots, furniture, suitcases, jewelry, cotton candy, fried pig skin, peanuts, beautiful fruits, corn or wheat tortillas, plants, cars, birds, tacos, homemade “wine”, computers, stickers and a few neighbors...

This is the Wednesday market, eccentric even for Mexico...

Muddy, mud, mud... 

While you are shopping there people approach you, they talk to you, they want to show you things, let you try their stuff. Uri and I usually stand out in the crowd, but me + Adiel in the Ergo + camera were a magnet to friendly strangers.

Here is a home-made-wheat-tortilla-selling family. The father advertises out loud 13 tortillas for 10 pesos. Also Uri and our neighbor Jan buying some veggies next to a pile of bras, and the enthusiastic  case of not gold rings.

 Mrs. Gossip cleaning nopales (those lovely cactus we like to eat).

For some reason people here loooooove the soldier haircut.

We usually have "aguas frescas" and fruits on a plastic glass.

And my favorite...

After de market we went to our beloved ceviche stand to get breakfast!

I enjoyed taking those pics, but I am sure I can do much better with that lens... I was very self conscious and was feeling a little awkward. I saw some funky looking people, but I could not take their picture. I am still just learning and experimenting. Which pic do you like the best?  

That was my morning in here!

Until soon,


  1. photos were amazing! i felt like i was right there with you guys (or at least wished that i were). we definitely need to plan a trip to visit. maybe an extended summer stay?

  2. I basically wanted to say what Sylvie said. Thanks a lot Sylvie for beating me to it ;p He he
    And I totally agree on visiting!!
    These photos are gorgeous. Thanks for showing us how amazing life is!

  3. Such a pretty Wednesday Mamaaaaa
    Love it, the photos are really telling a good story!
    Good lens ;)


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