Monday, May 2, 2011


Nice Monday!

Today I am officially back to work. All this time I had been working from home, and that was so hard... at home there is always a different priority, and a little one that shows me more exciting things. But I do love the organization I work for, the people I see at the office, the passionate conversations, the mental stimulation! So, I am officially back at the desk, and I am very grateful for it. I will be attending only half a day, and do the rest from our mountain house. I am also happy because I got some new tasks that will bring a challenge and that will allow me to be creative (did I say I love my boss? he is just the finest person).

On more announcements, Adiel is starting Montessori school! She is so ready for it... I am sure she will love it, she will make lots of cute friends and she will learn so much.

We had a nice day and we celebrated with a mango feast in our patio.

She is one year old now. I am so incredibly proud of her! Last weekend I organized a little cake party for her. I did not have much time to prepare, but I love the way it turned out. I will show you pictures later. She got many presents, she's a lucky girl. 

We also decided to start a new tradition and do something good for someone else in her birthday. This year we are making a donation on her behalf to a local non profit that rescues dogs and cats. In the future, I envision some volunteer time and creative fund raising for whatever she wants to support.

Eating mango with her brought me back to my own childhood... we truly are lucky girls!

How are your days?
Until soon,

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