Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school

After a month of daycare, where of course Adiel had fun, we finally came back to our beloved Montessori kinder garden! We love it there... we love the teachers, the other kids and babies, and we love the system. Adiel had a good first day.

Here she is (waking up after an hour nap on the way from our home) 
with one of her teachers. 

Her name is Sal and she comes from England. She speaks in English to the little ones, which we love. Most of the kids there come from multicultural families, and it is important for everyone that they learn other languages from the beginning. We want her to grow up with kids that are different from her and from each other, so she gets used to diverse mentalities, traditions and backgrounds (and let me tell you, our region in Mexico is NOT known for being very cosmopolitan, so we were lucky to find this place!).

I also wanted to share with you some pictures I took on our way home. 

I see this guy every day hanging out with the sea behind him. I don't know his name, but I love him.

We live quite secluded... That comes with amazing advantages and great disadvantages, but definitely one of the plus is our dirt road (not really if you want your car clean)... and our neighborhood...

I also see some crazy funky things on my way to the city... I will share one day!

Until soon,

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