Friday, October 21, 2011

Crocodile Sunday

A couple of weeks ago we went to Crocodile beach, my favorite spot in the camp. It is a 300m sandy beach in a very secluded corner, that very few people know about. It's quiet, protected from the strong waves and the wind, its beautiful and it is amazing for taking nicely framed, dreamy pictures. It is known as Crocodile beach by some of the neighbors, not because there are crocodiles, but because of a giant rock that splits the beach in two, looking like a crocodile from above.

Lately we do not visit it often because it has become a big production with Adiel and because we need to carry her for a long steep hike (no flip flops in this beach). We all like to go though, but specially the dogs.

This was our Sunday at the beach.

I love focusing on the little details like this one of the sand in her arm.

Sometimes focusing on the details happens by accident with nice results. I love this one of Adiel jumping onto daddy's arms, but what you see best is her father's strong hands holding her tiny fingers.


This last one is Uri writing her Hebrew name on the sand.

Have a nice weekend.

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