Monday, February 28, 2011

Play date!

Living in the mountain has its pros and cons. It is beautiful and lovely, but we miss our friends and family, going to a movie, to a gallery, to a party, taking a walk to get amazing coffee, being able to buy stuff (anything), eating delicious food at an exotic restaurant (and by exotic I just mean not Mexican), taking a class... So, those few days a month we go to Los Angeles I enjoy a lot. I try to see as many people as possible, buy everything we need, eat at my favorite places and do something fun! 

This time we went to The Conga Room to see Balkan Beat Box and Soulico. What an amazing show! I danced all night on my high heels and had a blast!! The Israeli crowd was in the house so we also got to see lots of old friends. One of my favorite songs by BBB is called Mexico City

Adiel stayed with cousin Shane at his grandmother's (Shane's father is Uri's best friend). It is only the second time we go out and leave her with someone. Apparently she cried for half an hour and then fell asleep.

One of my LA mosts is to see the journey sisters. The girls are very mobile and vocal now. They laugh out hard and they are opinionated. They recognize each other, they play together. Us mamas, we hug and kiss all the little ones, we talk and confess, we relax and feed, we share and advice. It's so nice to see us all grow and discover the world together!

Adiel, Eva and Leona's play date...

Already you can see how different they are from each other, adding some unique flavors to the family!

The proud mamas

They are growing up beautifully

I am grateful they will have each other and that us mamas have each other too.
We had a great day, but Saskia, Ava and mamas were very much missed!

Adieli knows "No" very well now, she knows when she does something she is not supposed to do, and lately as soon as she hears the word she turns to me with a cute smile and starts clapping or waving hello... just before she goes right back to whatever she was doing!! She knows, she has me, she melts me.

Until soon,


  1. LOVE all the beautiful babies! you wrote it so perfectly..."grateful they will have each other and that us mamas have each other too" thank you :) we always say that we wished that we all lived in the same city, but perhaps our life lesson here is that we get to appreciate every moment/day that we do get to spend together. we always take for granted what we do have and wish for what we cannot we are lucky that we can celebrate every time the babies and mamas get to play together, it's a special occasion every time!

  2. I just don't have the words to describe how happy I am with this new family...
    Very sweet post Meche!!! Thanks!
    Can not wait for ALL of US to get together soon!!

  3. I will send you guys all the pics soon!! There are many more...


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