Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family trip to the ZOOOOO! RRROARRRR!

Yesterday, in a misty wonderland of teeny tiny rain drops, Todd, Ava and I trekked off to the Oregon Zoo.

 Mommy and Ava (and Mommy's new favorite picture!)  Daddy and Ava look at the sea lion!

"Wow, my little girl is enjoying this!" We're at the zoo and she's interacting and enjoying it!

I kept thinking to myself how big she's become in these short 9 months.  These babies don't mess around, these little sponges go through some major changes in 9 months.  From curled up, sleepy little newborns, only knowing how to nurse and poop; to delightful mini-children, eating fistfulls of puffs, chicken, veggies- you name it, she eats it and yeah, I guess still pooping, but on top of all that, moving at mock speed causing mommy to chase, splashing with purpose in the bathtub, signing 'light' at every light seen, trying to speak, imitating the sounds, cruising furniture, standing briefly alone before sitting gracefully on her bum, taking a snack and a drink with mom and dad at the zoo without stopping to nurse! 

The last one really gets me.  I thought I'd never see the day Ava didn't need to nurse!  She's still in love with the boob and nurses plenty, but she's also really excited for snacks and solids, sips from her cup and nibbles from her hands.  I rarely nurse beside waking, naps and bedtime on most days!

Anyway, a bit off track... the zoo...

Looking at the Reticulated Giraffe!
Funny little thing Ava doesn't quite get yet... pointing.  I'm pointing AT what I want you to look AT.  I don't want you looking at my hand doing the pointing!  So, getting her to look at some of the animals took plenty of patience, but was worth it.  Once she saw them, it seemed as thought she found them quite interesting!

Then came the lions!  We've been working on animal sounds with Ava and her favorite is "the lions ROARRRRR!" because she can roarrrrrr!  And does she love to roar?  YES!  After seeing the lions, Ava RRRROARRRRRRed the rest of the time we spend at the zoo!
It's such a joy to share these experiences with her.  Everything new and fresh, each experience taken in with such awe and wonder.  Watching her learn and grow, knowing I taught her and she looks to me to teach her.  It's humbling.  I'm in awe watching her.  It brings me great joy, my heart doing flips, each time she demonstrates something new.  The way in which we humans learn is incredible and watching someone each step of the way, day one, fresh little person to 9 months... to 1 year... to however many blessed years we are granted together... I'm in awe.

This past week, Ava has started signing and also roaring with the lions...

My heart grew so huge this past week.


  1. Maggie... Ava is beautiful, you know it. But that one pic of her in the stroller is crazy cute!
    We are always telling that to each other, how adorable our baby girls are. It is in part because we felt like we knew them even before they were born and we were anxiously awaiting their births, but also because the little journey sisters are beautiful, and healthy, and strong, and smart... and that is not to be taken for granted! we are very lucky mamas!
    You are looking great!

  2. I giggled loud and woke her up, it was on the pointing part...I continued laughing cause I was pointing in the screen to show Ava to her, she was following my finger until it touched the screen :D She smiled at Ava, her tired crystal eyes were half open, she went back to sleep:))
    You are FunMom to me :)

  3. Hey there hot Mama! What a fun excursion! And yes that photo of Ava in the stroller with her laser blue eyes is just stunning! Thanks for posting this:)

  4. Thanks guys! Aw, I miss you all. I wish I could see you all much more often. Maybe after we move back down to the Southwest?!
    Alex, you crack me up. I can totally picture you showing Eva.
    Mercedes, I know what you mean. I feel like we have such a special group. That pre-baby bonding time was magical, waiting in anticipation together. My favorite was that last class trip to In N Out... 5 preggo women and their husbands, so many burgers, fries and shakes and all just wondering when our little ones are going to come. Mmmm, In N Out... NO, NO MAGGIE... That's what got you in so much trouble... but Neopaliton Milk Shakes... NO, NO!
    Angie, has Peter had a milk shake lately? ;)


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