Saturday, May 7, 2011

First day at school!!

She is the youngest one of all the kids (by a couple of months). It is a small Montessori kinder garden where they will encourage her to be her own person and to go for whatever calls her heart, to be considerate... and that there are consequences to everything and to wash her dishes! Even when we came in the first day all the kids knew her name (they would correct each other saying aDiel, with a D, jeje, so cute!).

When I came to pick her up she was covered in sand from the sand box, and she was happy, but as soon as she saw me, she almost started to cry... my darling little one!

In the beginning I am just taking her for a couple of hours a day. After the summer she will be going for longer time. So many things are about to open for her, and I look forward to all of them!



  1. i'm so excited for her, it's going to be another great experience for her and a good break for you :)

  2. Fun! I'm having a hard time thinking about using a baby sitter! We haven't yet. We will look into it more when we move to Austin, but in the mean time, we are going to have a friend come over for the first time on June 5th so Todd and I can go to a mixology class for 1.5 hours in the afternoon. No big deal, but I'm having a hard time agreeing to leave her longer and I don't know what to do about bedtime with someone other than me (or dad).
    I did sign her up for a preschool, but there is a year and a half wait so it works out perfect. I think I'll be fine leaving her at 1.5 years 2 days a week. I guess for now I will be able to leave her with a babysitter when I feel comfy. It's sooooooo hard! I'm torn. I want a little more freedom, but I can't let go! Maybe it will feel easier if I just do it once?

  3. I guess this is a very big step and a very personal decision, kinda like breast feeding... you stop breast feeding whenever you feel is the best for your family and for keeping everything in a healthy balance. We live in a very secluded environment and Adiel enjoys playing with other little ones so much, so it felt right.
    Another very important thing is the place you chose for them. I personally do not like leaving her in a daycare. I have done it about 4 times, but it is not my favorite thing. A school is different because they do much more than just keeping them safe, fed and clean, they really encourage their potential and teach them some important skills. I know some of her classmates since they were very little and I know the system (Montessori is great, check it out), so after a few interviews with the teachers and other mamas and papas we felt more comfortable with the idea of taking her there. My friends actually started their kids younger!
    Best advice for moms is get informed, trust your instinct and listen to your child and what she needs.
    It might be like sleep training as well, jaja, in the sense that, you might feel better after she has had a little time to feel secure... the first time she might cry a little, but soon she will understand that you will come back for her and she will let go and start enjoying. At this garden they let me stay with her until she was comfortable for me to leave. They try not to create a trauma to the kid, so they want her to be happy all the time she is there... I like it and must importantly Adiel likes it!
    You will know when it's time for Ava... I guess... jaja
    Love to you and kiss those little cheeks for me!


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