Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A family portrait

It is so rare to be able to take family portraits if you do not plan it... We wanted to take one for a long time, but never really put any effort into it.

Yesterday, after I came back from work, we took a very short walk with the dogs and suddenly discovered that our cat was joining us. We continued a little longer and he slowly got to where we all were, so I decided to just find a way to snap a picture. I hanged my camera from a small post and set it on the timer. And here it is. The whole family. Our beloved Reilly, the alfa male who recently lost his hearing; then Coffy, the youngest of the dogs who is an adventurer and a great hunter; Evita, our pit mix who will always be our first baby; our cat Redmond, who is ooooold but still does the job; Uri, Adiel and me. 

This was the first attempt... It was hard keeping so many little ones together and in frame.

Lately I have been complaining... It gets difficult driving every day to the city and back, specially with Adiel. I drive one hour to get to her kinder garden and then to work. When I finish I pick her up, we go grab lunch somewhere, we do some errands and then head home for another hour. I wish we were closer to the city, maybe on the north side, where there are also more young families, restaurants, cultural activities, etc. The truth is I really love my home and our remote end of the mountain. We have put so much work and love in our place and it gives us so much back. We feel privileged to be able to live in a place like this and enjoy these lovely moments. Everything has a price and driving for a hour is not so high.

 This is our house and our adobe dome.

Redmond the red cat.

It was a month ago that we took our Redmond to the vet for a check up and we came back with one of those cone collars that prevent them from scratching an open wound. You see, Red has been on cortisone for over 3 years due to a form of cat cancer, and now he has a tumor under his tongue. He is usually happy and active, he is still hunting, but once in a while he needs a shot to be able to eat properly.  So one month ago when we had to keep him inside the house with that collar he totally freaked out. On the third day he disappeared. We looked for him e-ve-ry-where. We hiked ALL around the mountain more than once looking for him (he needed his meds). Apparently he jumped from a 2 and a half story high, through a tinny opening in a window WITH the collar on... We thought he had left us for good, we thought he had gone to hide and die. Believe me, we looked everywhere and then waited. We were so terribly sad, we cried, we talked about him... And then, after a day, he came back still wearing the collar (I can not tell you how dangerous it is for an old cat to spend the night out in the mountain with a giant collar on that does not even let him see where he is stepping... there are lot's of predators out there!). When he came back and we saw him mawing out in the patio, we were crazy excited and cried even more!!! He is stubborn and has a couple of very annoying habits, hehe, but we love him so so much. He is a great cat and he keeps our mountain house free of mice, snakes and insects.

And he is the sweetest to my Adiel.

 I hope living in Nature has a great positive impact on Adiel. I look forward to talk to her about all the flora and fauna that surround us.

I don't know for how long we will be here and where we will go afterwards...  I also don't know how our family will change in the years to come... but I know right now we are loving it!

Until soon,

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